We Don’t Respect Law: Zanu PF Official
16 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|A Zanu PF official says he is not afraid of the international community.

The official also boasted of not respecting the law.

Zanu PF hooligans seized Moreblessing Ali’s funeral on Monday morning.

“A gang of Zanu PF thugs led by Councillor for Seke Rural, Mr Maoeresa, has descended on the funeral of Moreblessing Ali. They are chasing mourners away from the funeral & beating those who’ve gathered up. Our security team & local leaders are on site to protect mourners,” CCC said in a statement.

ZimEye on Monday morning grilled a Zanu PF councillor over the disruption of Moreblessing Ali funeral.

“I don’t fear international community – go and report to God.

What is international community to me? You think I am afraid of your international community?

Go and tell God that we have made our decision and we are not reversing it.

Which law are you talking about? I don’t respect the law so don’t speak to me in your fine English Language,” the Zanu PF councillor fumed.