Open Letter To ZUJ, ZRP, Zimbabwe’s Independent Commissions
17 June 2022
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Zimbabwe has seen an upsurge in violence and violent crime. The brutal killing of Moreblessings Ali is one among many such violent crimes that are on the rise.

It is disturbing that in the wake of such brutal crimes a journalist is threatened in broad daylight and no action is taking by the Police.

Simba Sithole a bona fide journalist was threatened with severe physical assault by one Isheunesu Saunyama known as Chief Saunyama in Mashonaland Central.

The irate Chief Saunyama claimed that he was threatening the journalist on behalf of Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe. This becomes a huge problem when the Minister responsible for maintaining peace, law and order in the country becomes a godfather and perpetrator of violence against journalists.

Isheunesu Saunyama is a well known Kazembe Kazembe henchman in Mashonaland Central and his reputation of violent behavior has earned him warlord status in Mashonaland Central province.

I write to all the Chapter 12 independent commissions mandated to support and entrench human rights and democracy; to protect the sovereignty and interests of the people; to promote constitutionalism; to promote transparency and accountability in public institutions; to secure the observance of democratic values and principles by the State and all institutions and agencies of government and government controlled entities; and to ensure that injustices are remedied.

It is your constitutional duty and mandate to look into this matter.

I also write to Zimbabwe Union of Journalists to please ensure that journalists are protected and not victimized for doing their jobs.

I write to ZANU PF and ask them to ensure press freedom and non-violent behavior by their members.

I write to the Commissioner General of Police and ask that a case be opened against Isheunesu Saunyama for threatening a journalist and violating the POTRAZ ACT while claiming to be acting on behalf of and in the interest of Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe.

The Moreblessings Ali situation has shown us that we cannot afford threats and violent behavior in the country especially now that we are counting down to the 2023 elections.