Zimbabweans Believe Acie Lumumba Was Poisoned Over RBZ Leaks
17 June 2022
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By Farai D Hove | ANALYSIS | Scores of Zimbabweans during the week expressed suggestions that ZANU PF propagandist Acie Lumumba was poisoned. Pictures of Lumumba (real name Gerald Mutumanje) were published showing the man in a hospital amid allegations that he is undergoing cancer treatment.

Several of the man’s incremental pictures have in recent weeks been accompanied by the term: cancer, and the latest photograph showed him lying on a hospital bed, masked in after completing a surgical procedure.

Lumumba became a sensation when he published uncomfortable revelations surrounding the looting of state coffers by a person he named as Queen B. The allegations would later be confirmed during parliamentary portfolio hearings.

Whatever the speculation there is around the veracity of the diagnosis, netizens took to the internet to suggest that he was poisoned after those ‘leaks.’

If it is true that he wasbpoisoned, the development falls barely 2 years after the sudden death of his father, Brig Emileo Munemo, who is one of those top soldiers to fall just after the 2017 coup.

Below were some of those online reactions: