CCC Namibia Sends Financial Assistance To Ali Family
18 June 2022
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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia Rundu Branch pays their bereavement money to the Ali family as a form of solidarity.

17 June 2022

Change champions in Namibia Rundu Branch exhibited their strong spirit of Ubuntu to the bereaved Moreblessing Ali’s family through paying the much needed condolence gift. As we endure the grief after the gruesome human butchery of the diligent change ambassador, Moreblessing Ali, citizens in Rundu embraced participatory democracy through monetary contributions.

The organic branch hastily mobilised US$100 towards the funeral of its late change champion Moreblessing Ali who went missing for 18 days before her dead body was discovered in the well of ZANUPF satanists in Nyatsime.

Rundu Branch applauds the extraordinary and pragmatic leadership of the Interim District Chairperson Elisha Chambara for encouraging change champions in Namibia to unite and offer solidarity to one another during these trying times. He encouraged all branches in Namibia to emulate the inspiring Rundu Branch so that we can win Zimbabwe for complete change under the astute leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Moreover, the radical and decorated interim Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda went on to mobilise another revolutionary gift of US$100 towards the solidarity with the incarcerated Ali’s family lawyer Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Hon Godfrey Sithole who appeared in court yesterday facing trumped up charges of inciting public violence.

Furthermore, Simbarashe Ndoda made it point blank to change champions in Rundu and Namibia at large that the sole way to support the Yellow Revolution was through material and financial support to our foot soldiers. The donation was made to capacitate change champions in Harare to go to Rotten Row Magistrates Court in solidarity with the wrongfully detained national democratic fighters. As if that was not enough, Rundu Branch added another US$50 to transport the women assembly members who also showed up in solidarity with the arbitrarily arrested leaders from Chitungwiza.

The interim Rundu Branch Organising Secretary Lawrence Chiduku expressed the need to continue with active participation in the struggle to win Zimbabwe for change. He made the intention clear that the bereavement money was intended to aid the bereaved family tide through the difficult time after the loss of our change champion Moreblessing Ali who was murdered by the ZANUPF thugs Pius Jamba and his brother Simba Chisango. The committed and dedicated organiser assured change champions that the money will help to cover some of the costs at the funeral including other miscellaneous expenses related to the death of our change champion.

In addition to that, the interim Rundu Branch Spokesperson, Robson Ruhanya also expresses his gratitude towards the present financial commitment from Rundu Branch. This should inspire other external assemblies in the yellow revolution to show their participation in the national discourse. It is also imperative to thank the vibrant Rundu Branch Interim Treasurer General Obert Chesango for managing party funds making sure that whenever we need money, he is always there to mobilise funds for us. As a member of this pragmatic branch, “I am so appreciative of the generosity and revolutionary contributions from Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia Rundu Branch”.

In a nutshell, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia managed to contribute US$250 towards Moreblessing Ali’s funeral and solidarity to the incarcerated Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Hon Godfrey Sithole. We are infuriated by the continued spate of politically motivated violence to change champions in Zimbabwe. Instead of arresting the violent ZANUPF councillor for Nyatsime area who incited public violence which resulted in the beating and kidnapping of more than 20 women who were mourning Moreblessing Ali at her home.

Rundu Branch encourages all external assemblies to embrace participatory democracy through registering to vote for change in 2023 and defend the vote against ZANUPF shenanigans.

Lets all go and register to vote so that we can remove these satanic ZANUPF thugs from power. Thank you Rundu Branch for the amazing contribution towards our deceased champion Moreblessing Ali and the prisoners of conscience Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Hon Godfrey Sithole. We demand justice to Moreblessing Ali, her family Lawyer and Godfrey Sithole.









Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya