City Woman Accuses Hubby Of Sexually Abusing Her In Front Of Children
19 June 2022
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A city woman has accused her husband of sexually abusing her in front of their minor children.

Gladys Moyo claims her husband, Jim Muchatuta, has the habit of demanding sex in presence of their kids.

She made the startling revelations at the Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order.

Gladys cited sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of Jim.

“It’s so painful how Jim treats me in front of our four-year-old child. I have heard stories of men abusing their spouses but in my case it is getting worse with each passing day.

“Whenever I tell him that I don’t feel like having sex with him, he then forces me to have sexual intercourse in the presence of our children.

“After applying for this protection order, he threatened to kill me,” she said.

In response, Jim denied the allegations.

He claimed he was a peace-loving husband who does not have a history of violence.

“I am the one who has been maintaining peace and I even forgave her when she infected me with an STI.

“l never abused or confronted her over the issue,” he said.

Presiding magistrate, Sharon Mashavire, granted the protection order in Gladys’ favour. 

-State Media