Deliwe Mutandiro Appears In Court for Murder
28 June 2022
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By A Correspondent | Deliwe Mutandiro, who is the makeup artist for several high profile bigwigs, Zodwa Mkandla, Mai Titi, Olinda Chapel, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s wife, Ruth, and several other prominent people has been arrested for the murder of her husband Tawanda Gregory Bobo (41).

She has been married to Bobo since 2013.

On Friday night, Deliwe after going to a 90s party hosted by one Lydia and after posting those pictures, Tawanda traveled to the party and asked her to leave the party, “that’s not a party that someone’s wife attends.”

When they got home, they saw Deliwe’s sister and a fight began upon which time the sister ganged up to assault Tawanda ending up killing him. After this the accused hung his body onto a small guava tree (picture).

The forensic team were assisted by a little dog which had allegedly witnessed the murder.

Deliwe Mutandiro together with her sister was arrested.

On Saturday when Zodwa Mkandla discovered that Deliwe has been arrested, she rushed to hire lawyers for her.

While the identity of the lawyers was not disclosed at the time of writing, sources close to the developments described the solicitors as high profile practitioners in the trade.

The two arrested are currently in remand prison awaiting trial.

Information gathered by ZimEye suggests that the accused has a record of throwing tantrums. Said a source “When she was at Speciss college, she was dragged by the tarmac by a politician’s wife for being a home wrecker. She has a record of throwing tantrums against her boyfriends which always ended up in acrimonious break-ups.”

Added another source:
She has a history of being violent against her husband. They said: “Last year, Deliwe akabaya Tawa nebanga akaiswa 15 stitches and his ex wife Shamiso paid for the treatment. It’s not the first time that they hanged up on him with her family members. The other time they locked him up in a room and beat him until the maid tipped off… Tawanda’s cousin who went to rescue him and took him to his mum.“