CCC Be Warned Of Zanu Pf Agenda
2 July 2022
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CCC must be careful not to fall into ZanuPF agenda.

ZanuPF knows the 2023 elections are not favouring them in any way.

The economic crisis is pushing the electorate against them.All opinion surveys and state security reports have indicated that ZanuPF will lose the elections if they are to be held in this current situation.

Mnangagwa and his ruling unpopular ZanuPF are praying for two scenarios to prevail so that they turn around their political fortunes.

Firstly ZanuPF wants the economy to make a 360 degree performance.The exchange rate of the local currency to major currencies is giving ZanuPF sleepless headache.ZanuPF knows that all citizens including ZanuPF business sectors don’t want the local rtgs or bond notes.The prices of basic commodities are beyond the reach of ordinary citizens.

ZanuPF is praying that a miracle to happen in order to stabilize the local currency.ZanuPF knows that with the local currency as civil servants salary they will lose more than 500 000 votes from soldiers, police, teachers, nurses etc.

ZanuPF wants elections to be delayed in order for the economy to pick up.The constitutional provision which gives a leverage to postpone elections is only state of emergency.

ZanuPF wants chaos to declare a state of emergency.The state of emergency will mean 6 months without political activities.

The call for violent Mass action for the free Hon Job Sikala , Hon Sithole and Nyatsime 16 is all coming from a ZanuPF .ZanuPF wants to incite CCC into demonstrations which they will implant their thugs to destroy property then declare a state of emergency.

The blame on CCC President Advocate Nelson Nehemiah Chamisa for not acting enough on Hon Job Sikala is a well calculated ZanuPF agenda.The CCC members who are in support of the blame are not reading the political game in ZanuPF.

President Nelson Chamisa would never let Hon Job Sikala down .These two friendship date back to their youthful days….vaifudza mbudzi vese kuMasema nemapani ukwaChiwara.Theirs is lifetime friendship which can’t be broken by reckless statement and incitement from ZanuPF.

President Chamisa has always stated that he needs Job Sikala for this struggle . Job Wiwa Sikala has stated it many times that President Chamisa is our torchbearer in the struggle to liberate Zimbabweans.

CCC members should be very calculative in dealing with ZanuPF.Why should CCC fall into the same trap MDC did in supporting to sanitize the 2017 coup against Mugabe?If MDC had not participated in the coup it was going to fail.

If CCC wants to takeover power it must never be pushed into ZanuPF agenda by ZanuPF.CCC must set its own agenda which they are able to control.

Every CCC must be sympathetic to Hon Job Sikala, Hon Sithole and Nyatsime 16 .The treatment by Mnangagwa regime is far worse than any politician suffered under Smith regime.The assertion that Smith was better than Mnangagwa is vindicated.Bail is a constitutional right.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks. Things are not good for Citizens who want a better change in Zimbabwe.