Revealed: Emmerson Mnangagwa Has Stage 1 Dementia
2 July 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Controversial philanthropist Susan Mutami has threatened to spill the Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bedroom secrets.

Mutami claims she knows the “smell of Mnangagwa’s emitted wind.”

According to Mutami, Mnangagwa has dementia.

and defend your vote.
One thing
is scared of is people power. That coup wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for the citizen
As someone who once looked after the elderly and someone who knows
personally, the man needs help. He has dementia Stage 1 going to stage 2 now and is a bit aggressive. I urge u all to send this man into retirement and vote for

demonized my projects that I was doing for the needy in the community because I was upstaging Auxillia Mnangagwa w my charity work and they made up all sorts of lies trying to ruin me bt God looks after his children. In 2023…

I’m on standby to help u recover all the loot including the private jet that was bought using the citizens money and is a name of a proxy. I was told where some of the money is stashed. I help becoz I know what it’s like to have nothing at all.

People u need to understand that in 2023 he’s going to unleash more violence and a lot of people are going to lose their lives. He’s a Taliban, and I can go as far as 2002 where he gave an instruction to have Chebundo killed in a house fire which he narrowly escaped,” Mutami said.