Sabhukus Are Not Zanu PF Commissars
4 July 2022
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Citizens should resist the gross abuse of traditional leaders, CCC Namibia posits!

03 July 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia urges Zimbabweans to wake up and smell the coffee. We cannot continue watching ZANU-PF thugs terrorizing our poor villagers and traditional leaders. These archaic models of intimidation and gross abuse of human rights across the breadths and lengths of Zimbabwe should be resisted now!

We are quite aware that the liberation war agenda was One-Man-One-Vote. Citizens must demand freedom of expression and should be allowed to vote freely without persecution by prosecution. We are demanding free, fair, and credible elections that are unfettered. Heads Man and Village Heads are not instruments of the Harare Regime, ZANU-PF must desist from frog-marching citizens to their rallies. The sinking and the stinking regime should start to respect the rule of law and constitutionalism in the motherland. Our successive elections have presented astronomical figures for assisted voters, especially in rural areas.

Citizens in Namibia encourage change champions across the globe to amplify their voices against the ongoing rural and urban intimidation, torture, and arbitrary arrests of social transformers led by Advocate President Nelson Chamisa. It is our revolutionary obligation to solicit freedoms and independence by choosing leaders who can put the economy on a sounder footing. Right now we have the Nyatsime 13, who are rotting in jail for demanding justice for the butchered Citizens Coalition for Change activist, Moreblessing Ali. We demand their unconditional release, their denial of bail is an abuse of the 2013 Constitution.

Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole, and other prisoners of conscience did not commit a crime but are being punished for advocating for justice. Citizens should not allow this to continue as we move forward toward 2023 harmonized elections. ZANU-PF should not be allowed to continue with its old tactics of political violence before, during, and after elections. The recent by-elections claimed many revolutionary souls in the names of Mboneni Ncube, Nyasha Zhambe, Langelihle Dube, Chinembiri and Moreblessing Ali only to mention but a few, may their souls rest in power.

The capture of state institutions by the desperate regime must be resisted without delay. Let’s organize or risk a humiliating setback, as usual, the abuse of traditional leaders and villagers should be stopped now before our people are put on mute. We resolved that 2022 be a year of Citizens Action for Change! We need to act for comprehensive reforms toward the 2023 elections. The vibrant party should look into the solutions to curb ZANU-PF political violence as indicated by the recent by-elections where many lost their lives with some surviving with severe injuries. Shall we continue like this change champions?

How are we going to counter the culture of assisted voters with professionals and literate villagers compelled to be assisted , in the case of Mutasa Central Ward 15? We need to device mechanisms to address this rigging. Action is needed directly to put an abrupt end to the absolete rigging machinations. The video below is a testament to ZANU-PF’s craving to continue with repression to silence the voice of dissent.






Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya