We Are Solidly Behind Spokesperson Mahere – CCC Namibia
6 July 2022
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“We are solidly behind our diligent Interim Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere”:CCC Namibia speaks!

06 July 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia stands firmly with the people’s diligent and competent International Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere who is enduring attacks from the desperate ZANUPF mouthpiece Edmund Kudzayi. We wonder if this is the appropriate way to woo our hardworking and intelligent Advocate. It must be clear to ZANU-PF satanists that change champions shall never be swayed or diverted by this primitive propaganda.

Edmund Kudzayi must shut up and advise his clueless masters and mistresses to put the economy on a sounder footing. Instead of trying to defocus us from mobilizing and recruiting for 2023, they should work out sound economic policies to rescue the stinking and sinking titanic. Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has done extremely well to audibly speak for a complete change since she was appointed as the voice of the yellow revolution. We are behind you as a Namibia district because it is clear that ZANU-PF attacks the powerful.

When ZANU-PF targets you -that is true and a certified badge of a change champion. There is now no doubt that the regime has dismally failed in its traditional ways of bribing and other shenanigans to derail the freedom train. Only ZANU-PF morons can believe in those pathological lies. Whatever the frustrated regime will say, we shall firmly stand with our outspoken Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. She is our heroine in the yellow revolution, we shall support her through thick and thin.

Our message to our Spokesperson is unequivocally clear! Remain focused, committed, dedicated, and devoted to winning 2023 harmonized elections. We remain unshaken and un-wavered by the primitive political lies aimed at hoodwinking the unsuspecting masses.









Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya