PRESS STATEMENT: Mai Titi Caught In The Act Planting Evidence Into Murder Rumour
8 July 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | The sociallite Mai Titi was on Thursday evening implicated in an attempt to hurt her colleague, Evidence Chihera after falsely claiming the latter has killed her boyfriend.

The development was revealed on Facebook live at around 7pm Zim time while Chihera was in the company of her mother and two other relatives.

Mai Titi was at the time accusing Chihera of ending the life of a man friend of hers (Chihera’s).

In the picture below, Mai Titi was caught on camera mobilising people to build a case of murder against Evidence Chihera. She would after this incident coordinate Hmetro journalists to interview a woman said to be the deceased wife to allegedly accuse Evidence Chihera of murder.

The sociallite is clearly heard on video instructing the woman on speaking, the ADWA NGO told ZimEye in a statement, “Some people continue to spread malicious rumours and totally unfounded information about the Harare sociallite, Evidence Chihera regarding her friend, Henry Tapfuma’s unexpected death.

“It has come to our attention that Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai TT went to the deceased’s house together with an HMetro news crew and told 2 ladies what to say on camera.

“If you listen at the beginning of the recording Ms Murata is the one talking in the background before the lady starts to narrate her story as Ms Murata had evidently coached her to do.

“Ms Murata also picked an elderly woman. the one who was shouting and told her what to say. Ms Murata was recorded by onlookers and pictures were also taken.

“All this was done to incriminate Evidence Jiri popularly known as Chihera on social media of murder which she never committed. A person is innocent until proven guilty by law.

“Chihera and her family tried to go and pass their condolences at the family but Ms Murata and her team of journalists told them not to go as people were very angry about what had happened.

“We are kindly asking people to refrain from continuous utterances of unfounded malicious rumours about Ms Jiri as this has caused a lot of stress to the family.

“We are kindly asking all the people circulating the staged interview story to stop and respect the family of the deceased.”

Mai Titi in a red-white cap speaking to mourners.

The development comes at a time when Mai Titi, real name, Felistas Murata had together with Tyra Chikosho approached the Information Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa for permission to as said, “hack anyone” who is found criticising the two on social media.

It also comes 2 years after Mai Titi was through leaked audio recordings implicated in an attempt to kidnap a Marlborough based businesswoman she had clashed with.

Speaking on video as ZimEye reveals, Chihera’s mother said,

“They asked us where you are you going; The Hmetro phoned us asking Chihera are you safe? Where you are going there is danger.

“We were phoned by HMetro and they warned us… maybe they were planning to destroy this car.

“If they want to kill her, …. my daughter’s hands are clean… let them go to the police and determine everything…

“Mai Titi should leave my daughter alone,” said the mum.

Her daughter swiftly came into the camera to say:
“I have to clear my name, I have fans… this is troubling us… they should just go tot he post mortem and determine for themselves… some are saying I killed her, others are saying I gave him viagra… the lodge has cameras which can be checked, said Chihera.

“I respect the late because we had a good life… you Mai Titi leave me… last time you started sayjng I am the one who killed Soul Jah Love…. you knew the truth and you started bringing an unrelated video… you can try to bring my down, you will not manage,” added Chihera.

She switched the video off after almost 10 minutes of continuous streaming.

Mai Titi had not responded to questions at the time of oublishing. Some of her followers however alleged the invitation to a treat of Chihera had no ulterior motives. ZimEye investigates