ZANU PF Starts Own ZimVigil To Defend Embassy
9 July 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | At around 2pm a group of yellow clad demonstrators finally took a bite to eat. The seemingly routine meal stood out because it was their first of the day. Up until that point, the CCC members disguised as human rights activists had led a ten man strike outside Zimbabwe’s embassy in London the United Kingdom. seeking to convince the UK government not to invest in Zimbabwe.

It wasn’t CCC first such protest they started in 2005 to sing and dance outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London to protest the government’s actions in Zimbabwe. In most cases requesting the West to slap and heap more sanctions on Zimbabwe.

It also may not be the last anyone sees of them as they are paid for demonising Zimbabwe. The told supporters that they are looking to recruit fellow losers for a larger protest to come.

Just as Zimbabwe’s well-located and iconic embassy served as the focal point of CCC and some few evil minded ire, it is a centre for international diplomacy and rich targets for protests and demonstrations from those who have always wished to demonise Zimbabwe and please their handlers. Ever since Zimbabwean government established a mission in London they have run the risk of being protested — and many of the times it is by our own people.
The aborted well published protest of the 8th July in London was led by one Patricia Chinyoka who has been paid thousands of pounds to portray Zimbabwe in a bad shape.

Patricia Chinyoka has been heard on a megaphone accusing the Zimbabwean government of killing her relatives and she urged the British government to sanction Zimbabwe regardless of the effects of the sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe. Patricia Chinyoka is a heartless blood sucking person best described as a witch or is she.

The protests usually serve as an outlet for expats, exiles and refugees who want to express solidarity with their country without running the risk of returning. This then has made Chinyoka demonise her country because she has no hope of going back to Zimbabwe. She now wants to spoil it for everybody.

Over the years, the Zimbabwean Embassy in London has been a focal point for exaggerated where greedy selfish Zimbabweans gather outside the embassy and take turns to destroy their country to please their handlers.

Zimbabwe should be used to the protests by now but it is the idea that someone who is clueless about Zimbabwe is being paid to destroy Zimbabwe which makes every right minded Zimbabwean to be angry. Members of the CCC and the fake human rights activists routinely camped out in a small square directly across the Zimbabwe house on The Strand to denounce the government’s good efforts on Zimbabwe.

In fact, allegations surfaced that Zimbabwean Ambassador and his staff were spying on the charlatans protesting outside the embassy, with an eye on harassing their family members back in Zimbabwe.

This is a wishful thinking by the protesters who would lie in order to get asylum.

The protests have also provided the British with a focal point for expressing national outrage or concern on the nationals who abuse their rights just to get a mileage against their own country.

Whether the protests accomplish anything is certainly in question, as The 8th July aborted CCC strike illustrated.
For the first time the CCC was confronted and their noise drowned by the ZANU PF U.K. members and concerned Zimbabweans who came to defend the embassy and their country.
The CCC pretenders scurried for cover as the ZANU PF members confronted them with the truth.
The lies the CCC and the fake Civil rights activists led by Chinyanga all dressed in yellow were exposed when the truth about Zimbabwe was spoken.
The most interesting thing is that their demonstrations outside the embassy has only helped to place Zimbabwe under the Sanctions.

Patricia Chinyanga and her lies have killed many Zimbabweans through her lies.

She has shown her shameless love for money where she insults Zimbabwe for a fee.
It is a pity that we have Zimbabweans who do not care what happens to the masses back home as long as they are paid. They have lied just to please their handlers. They are making more money from selling their birth rights.

How can Zimbabwe prosper with devils like Patricia Chinyanga and her team.

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