Obert Mpofu On ZEC Commissioner: How Can She Be My Daughter?
12 July 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu has scoffed at social media reports that suggest the newly elected Zimbabwe Electoral Commissioner, Catherine Mpofu is his daughter.

Obert Mpofu

Speaking to ZimEye on Monday, the former cabinet minister said, “no I don’t even know the name, I don’t know the person, and how can she be my daughter?,” he asked while in a chuckle.

He continued saying, “you can even ask her if she knows me.”

He emphasised further saying, “look it’s not a sin to have a daughter, and this one is not my daughter… unless if they’re saying every Mpofu is my relative or my daughter, honestly, the poor girl, I wish her well and I am just happy for her but she’s not my daughter I don’t even know her, I doubt if she knows me,” he said.

Thousands of Zimbabweans circulated pictures of the commissioner while saying she is the politburo member’s daughter.