ZEC Incompetence Worrisome
12 July 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

ZEC Commissioners: The regime running post to pillar.

I am in rural Matebeleland and reading a brief sent to me by our Director of communication on the recent appointment of ZEC Commissioners.

We are set to address the nation on this subject and our preliminary findings are as shocking as much as they’re so revealing.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has for the past years failed the CREDIBILITY Test.

It was seemingly obvious for any government official and regime agents to worry and work on the IMAGE of this organization.

It’s outlook is important not just to democracy but for the credibility of Elections in Zimbabwe and consequently LEGITIMACY of the Regime.

For students of history and morden scientific thought- this is not new. The leopard never changes its spots.

It’s back to elections without legitimacy and the regime’s menu of manipulation.

The national question is what is the way forward- for every concerned Zimbabwean the issue how do we have a democratic breakthrough in the face of authoritarian consolidation.

It is possible!

On top of what the Alternative as led by President Nelson Chamisa will propose as the way Forward- there is a lot that is within our hands.

It is to me a clear call for unity of every Citizen to play their part.

As we go into this week- In Parliament it can’t be business as usual.

All progressive Members of Parliament must do what they were deployed to do- Hold the Executive & all institutions of the State to account in line with Section 299 of the Zimbabwean Constitution. There’s no better time to leverage on the legislative arm than now!

We have to save our country from total collapse.

For an ordinary citizen there’s no greater time to record our displeasure than Now!

For those who have been working for change- it’s time to double the effort.

If you’re staying with someone who is not a registered voter- it’s time to do the right thing.

To win this we will need every vote.

Don’t be apathetic- don’t be swayed into the regime’s “Voting doesn’t matter” narrative

We have to register in millions and defend of vote- Together!

The breakthrough will need more than just an election- it will need every Citizen to be active- Before, During and After the election.

It’s is possible!

Let’s fasten our seat belts.

Happy new week!