Shine Shine FC Appeals For Sponsorship
15 July 2022
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Towards achieving Women emancipation through sporting in MASVINGO province

SHINE SHINE QUEENS FC appeals for sponsorship from the Community , Council and Government

Masvingo’s only Eastern region Division 1 women’s Soccer Club Shine Shine Queens FC is hitting hard times with endurance and passion. The team is appealing to both the cooperate world, the public, government and City Council for sponsorship.

In a publication by one media house The Mid week watch, one official explained the hardship the team is facing in fulfing it’s fixtures. It is however sad to note that the stakeholders have done little if not none for the upliftment of women in soccer. However, we are all well informed and in agreement that local men’s soccer club enjoy sponsorship from different coners as if they are the sole entertainers of the community. Shine shine stars left wing player Florence Kwangware said that their club’s vision is to showcase and nature talent of women in soccer across the whole province as evidenced by the players signed.

Transport, food and accomodation logistics are major stumbling block to the club’s ending up falling to other teams by default. The teams performance has always been excellent considering the constrains they face. Indeed these women are vigilant ,strong and are the Biblical Deborahs of our sporting circles.

This Saturday the team will be playing at home at Mucheke grounds just before Wangu Mazodze FC /Ruwa game. It is with great encouragement that we take a glimpse of the game as we curtain raise the men’s game later on.

A reliable source has informed the reporter of an invitation of the She Lion of Masvingo’s soccer Dr Amai Getrude Mazodze to watch the SS queens game on Saturday . If this is to be successful hopefully it will be a milestone for the SS queens whose games has always been shunned by other self proclaimed big names.

Women empowerment and emancipation begins with you, myself and us all. Let’s support our only local Division 1 women club as we do to Una Una or Zhalala zhululu. Where there is a lady there is happiness.

Shine shine the enduring queens of Masvingo.

Timothy Muswere
Soccer Fan