Sikhala Ignores Prison Pains
16 July 2022
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By-Jailed CCC deputy chairman Job Sikhala has reached out to Zimbabweans from Chikurubi Maximum Prison thanking them for standing by him.

 Sikhala is in remand prison following his arrest last month for allegedly inciting violence recorded in Nyatsime in the funeral wake of CCC’s slain activist Moreblessing Ali. 

In the letter, Sikhala said he was delighted by the support people gave him.

An Epistle From Chikurubi Maximum Prison

Dear Zimbabweans,

We would like to thank you all dear Zimbabweans for the demonstration of love, care and unbridled concern for the pain we are going through. We feel your love even when we are under incarceration here at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

We are pleased that besides members of our own political party CCC, all Zimbabweans of different political, social and ideological persuasion are standing with us.

Although I am going through difficult moments at present with the escalated persecution of my own and my other colleagues here in prison with me, be grateful beloved compatriots that we are all in high spirits.

I went through an unexplainable illness, I am on the road to recovery, please pray for us.

Standing for the weak and downtrodden in society as I did for Moreblessing Ali and many others is my God’s is calling.

My reward is in heaven, I do it selflessly, and sometimes I end up asking myself why my conscience is always triggered to stand for the predicament of other people. I was just born like that by my mother and father.