Letter by Obert Masaraure from Harare Central Remand Prison
21 July 2022
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By A Correspondent| Revolutionary greetings Cdes. Today l thought of writing to you this letter from the dungeons of Harare Central Prison. It is now day 13 of my re-arrest after having spent 16 days at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. I urge you to fight on to defend our profession, one which we love so much. These detentions will not stop me from fighting for workers rights, but will rather strengthen my resolve for a better teacher in one’s country.

Teachers,as l am in prison, I hear they plan on meeting us sometime next week to discuss the conditions of living in our sector as if they don’t know. Firstly, the prices of goods are now pegged in USD whilst our labour is being paid in non-existent currency called RTGS.

The meeting is meant to sway us away from the strike which is supposed to start tommorow 22 July 2022. The minister Paul Mavhima knows that if we unite over our salaries and demand them to be restored back to their pre-October 2018 salaries, we will win. He has promised that we have to meet with the Finance minister Mthuli Ncube, this after the Unions had met him on Tuesday.

I urge you Union leaders in the teaching profession please do not sell out. This is our chance to unite all teachers and bring back the classroom dignity. It is at this point in time that we must demand what was stolen from us by the failed economic policies of one Mthuli Ncube.

Now it is time to show the employer that us teachers, we are a united force. Let’s just demand a fair and decent wage as it is our right. We must be part of the historic strike in demanding labour justice in our sector. There is power in unity, let’s all unite to achieve what we have been fighting for since October 2018.

Yours comradely
Obert Masaraure