“Arrest Bishop Mashonganyika”
22 July 2022
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The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youth communication secretary Stephen Chuma has called for a citizens’ arrest of Anton Mashayanyika, a bishop in the Habbakuk Apostolic Faith Mission church in Mberengwa after he threatened to kill Nelson Chamisa.

Addressing a ZANU PF local meeting, Mashayanyika said Chamisa and his followers must be killed describing them as sellouts. He recently told The Standard that he did not have any regrets over his threats, saying he was “too Zanu PF” to be arrested.

Tshuma said since the police have not yet arrested Mashayanyika, citizens must arrest the clergyman.

He said:

It is clear that Zanu PF wants the law unto itself. It is without a doubt that at this juncture, citizens of Zimbabwe, Mberengwa in particular, must initiate a citizens’ arrest and hand over this criminal and Zanu PF thug into the hands of the police.

Mashayanyika’s statements have been described as hate speech as tension grows ahead of next year’s elections.

Chamisa survived an alleged assassination during his meet the people tours last year.

Police have been accused of selective application of the law as CCC and civil society activists are routinely arrested for “trumped-up” charges while Mashayanyika, who was caught making deaths on video walks scot-free.- Pindula News