Ken Sharpe’s Lawyer In Desperate Attempt To Twist Facts Against State Witness
22 July 2022
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By Jane Mlambo| Controversial developer Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s lawyer Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara tried to twist facts by forcing Harare businessman George Katsimberis to admit that the show house he built at the corner of Whitwell and Teviotdale Road belonged to the disgraced land baron.

Zhuwarara was cross-examining Katsimberis who is a state witness in a case of malicious damage to property against Pokugara Properties employees Michael John Van Blerk and Mandla Marlone Ndebele, former Town Clerk Hosia Chisango and other City of Harare officials.

Advocate Zhuwarara tried to force Katsimberis to admit that the house he built as part of his obligation to the Pokugara Ecofriendly Estate Pvt Ltd, belonged to Sharpe’s company Pokugara Properties.

Katsimberis stood his ground insisting that the house was built as part of his obligation to the joint venture with Sharpe.

He further told Harare Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka even though the plans were in the name of Pokugara Properties, he had every right to the showhouse by virtue of being a shareholder in the joint venture.

The State represented by prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga from the Special Anti-Corruption Unit alleges that sometime between July 2018 and October 2018, at lot 9 of 21 on consolidated number 19559 of 19828 on Harare Township corner Teviotdale and Whitwell in Borrowdale, Mandla Marlone Ndebele, Isiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi, Lasten Taonezvi and Ken Sharpe who is still at large destroyed a show house constructed by Harare business George Katsimberis without a court order.

The accused allegedly acted in common purpose and demolished Katsimberis’ show house which had an approved plan without advising the complainant. Katsimberis has since availed proof of payments made to City of Harare and a bank statement from the city fathers showing payment.

Magistrate Chakanyuka postponed the matter to 11 August 2022 for continuation of trial.