Citizens Refuse To Buy Zanu PF Political Tricks
26 July 2022
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Citizens 2-0 ZANUPF:CCC Namibia congratulates Chipinge and Kariba wards for the resounding victory!

25 July 2022

Saturday was an extraordinary day in the motherland, specifically in Chipinge and Kariba where by-elections were held despite serious intimidation and gross violations of human liberties. Citizens in Namibia who subscribe to the astute and organic leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa are gyrating hysterically in uncontrollable gusto following their appetising win in the recent by-elections in the two wards. The district is very delighted that regardless of the uneven political field, especially in the rural Chipinge where citizens are frog-marched to attend ZANU-PF rallies.

It is quite perturbing that the so-called structureless party is the one that is trouncing ZANU-PF and its surrogates as indicated by the March by-elections to date. Some wayward political commentators suppose that the Citizens Coalition for Change should have solid structures for it to seriously compete with the clueless and politically inept ZANUPF and demonstrate its readiness to govern. This has been demystified by the successive victories in these by-elections. It has become clear that structures don’t win elections but determined and committed citizens even under the worst in conducive election environment do.

Namibia district is thankful to the pragmatic citizens in Kariba ward 5 and Chipinge ward 16. The sweet accomplishment by change champions should aid all the critics including the self-exiled former ZANU-PF politburo member who has been the most vocal proponent of structures and has alluded that CCC should be banned from contesting elections if it doesn’t have formal structures to comprehend that Citizens Coalition for Change is introducing fresh politics. “How can you ban the winning team? This is a ploy to ban democracy and close the much-needed democratic space in Zimbabwe”, said Rundu Branch interim Secretary General, Simbarashe Ndoda interrogating Jonathan Moyo’s interests in the structures of our vibrant party.

Moreover, the political refugee is desperately seeking political relevance in the sight of his erstwhile friends in the satanic regime. Winning by-elections is a clear testament that the new baby shall govern a New Great Zimbabwe after the historic 2023 harmonized elections with Commander in Chief Advocate President Chamisa. The sweetest was the rustic Chipinge precinct where citizens resisted all forms of intimidation, torture, and gross abuse of human rights meant to deter social democrats from voting for that change that delivers.

Amid high levels of human butchery which saw Mboneni Ncube, Langelihle Dube, Nyasha Zhambe and Moreblessing Ali massacred on account of politics, change champions remained undeterred, unwavering, and dedicated to winning the motherland for a complete change. Our revolutionary message to the people of Zimbabwe is unequivocally clear, register to vote, go and vote for change in 2023, and defend the vote against ZANU-PF rigging shenanigans. We heard with a fury that citizens were compelled to confess that they were unable to write so that they could be assisted to vote, this must be resisted with equal determination. Citizens must stand firm to defend their ballot.

Furthermore, citizens should not be made comfortable by these minute political scores, although they are fundamental politically. We should keep our eyes on the main match in 2023 where we expect a resounding victory that will bring socio-economic transfiguration to the motherland. We urge the millennial generation(youths) to register to vote in their astronomical numbers to safeguard their future which looks bleak in the hands of corrupt dictators who have started our country down the slopes of hyperinflation and gross misgovernance.

The youths must register to vote for better livelihoods, employment opportunities, quality education, a sound health system, and respect for the universal basic rights enshrined in the 2013 constitution. Voting is part of liberation and freedom. The youths must dispute the weaponization of the law by the satanic regime through voting. We should complement each other if we want to successfully unseat an authoritarian government. It is now imperative to demand comprehensive electoral, political, and constitutional reforms to create a conducive environment for free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections in Zimbabwe.

Namibia district is cobra-headed to celebrate this victory in the absence of the incarcerated Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole, Obert Masaraure, the Nyatsime 11, and all prisoners of conscience who are in jail for demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali and unfair labour practices. We shall continue to demand their immediate and unconditional release since they are innocent. ZANU-PF should stop criminalizing alternative voices, citizens must be allowed to exercise their rights without fear of being persecuted by the prosecution. The regime should respect fundamental human freedoms.

Thank you, Kariba! Thank you,
Chipinge! Thank you, Zimbabwe! Thank you citizens who won without resources, no posters, pamphlets, no money, and very few resources. We salute you for the sacrifice! Let’s unite and vanquish these enemies of progress.







Thank you, Chipinge
Thank you, Kariba.

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya