Man Found Dead Inside Hotel Premises
26 July 2022
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Police in Gweru last night said they were still to identify the body of a man who was found dead in an old car within the Midlands Hotel premises yesterday morning.
The dead body was found inside a non-runner Mercedes Benz which belongs to the hotel.

“Investigations are still on and the body is still to be identified though there are some leads. We will have more details by tomorrow (today),” said the provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko last night.

The hotel owner, Mr Hamutendi Kombayi who is also the city mayor, said the hotel management was also waiting for the police to complete investigations. “We are also shocked as the hotel management, but we have nothing to do with the incident. We also wait for the police to complete their investigations,” he said.

Mr Kombayi said the hotel will also interrogate its security personnel to find out how the deceased sneaked into the car. “We have a security which man the hotel 24/7 so we want to also know how the person sneaked into the carport and into the car,” he said.

Meanwhile, some witnesses said the now deceased could have been attacked last week while attending a musical gig that was hosted by the hotel. “This hotel hosts musical shows every weekend. The hotel mounts a stage at the car park for musicians to perform and it is always full. This person could have been attacked during last week’s gig and ended up in the old car,” said a witness who declined to be named.

Another witness said the deceased could be a vagabond who sought warmth in the car and later died.

“You know Gweru is chilly these days and this could be a vagabond who felt cold and was not well, who then sought to find some warmth inside this ramshackle,” said a local vendor Ms Leonora Moyo. -Herald