ZUPCO Bosses Bedding Female Conductors
27 July 2022
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The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) Masvingo depot has been hit by accusations of nepotism and sex scandals involving managers and supervisors, according to documents in the hands of The Mirror.

The Mirror has in its hands grievance documents dated June 17, 2022, written to management by the workers’ committee which include corruption, nepotism, incompetency and sexual abuse of female conductors by supervisors and managers.

The workers’ committee chairperson, Mandebvu Mutikizizi, confirmed the workers’ grievances to The Mirror and said that they have since been sent to them Division Operations Manager (DOM), Tinei Rwasoka.

Key among the grievances is that some managers are sleeping with female conductors in exchange for job security. Conductors at ZUPCO are employed temporarily. The grievances, in particular, cite one manager who is said to have slept with almost every female conductor at the depot.

-Masvingo Mirror