Just In : ZEC Official Bashes CCC Member In Mvuma
29 July 2022
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Thusanani Oryx

Mvuma – Numerous Chirumanzu residents have raised red flag on ZEC official only identified as Dzimiri who recently assaulted a youth suspected of being a CCC member who wanted to register.

Mvuma area is a hot spot area for opposition as Zanu PF’s Mnangagwa and his wife are former MPs.

Sources said Dzimiri is becoming a headache to the entire district with her absurd behaviour.

“A case of assault was reported but ZR Police are still mum.

” People are now worried why no action has not been taken since the docket was opened but it seems as if officer in charge is trying to downplay the issue” said sources.

Zec Head office was also notified of Dzimiri’s unbecoming behaviour, but nothing was said.

Opposition members said they are now afraid to send youths to register.

“However, that will not deter us fr removing a regime that has seen people suffering through and through.

“Zec and ZRP must practise impartiality in matters like these” they fumed.

Impression of this is that Zec is a weapon of Zanu PF regime.