FULL TEXT: Sekuru Banda Statement on Claims By Late Boss Pangolin
3 August 2022
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I have received numerous calls and enquiries from the media and ordinary citizens on the circulating message alleging that I am supposed to go and remove certain things from the late boss Pangolin’s house.

While the authenticity of the circulating message has not been verified, I want to categorically state that I do not know Boss Pangolin and I do not remember him coming to my shrine.

I wish to also state that the late Boss Pangolin’s family has not contacted me for assistance. In any way they will not contact me because my work does not involve ‘kurombesa’.

I am a registered traditional healer who offer genuine services include solving societal problems and treating various ailments.

While I acknowledge that there are people who seek quick means of getting rich, I discourage anyone including our youths from taking such a route.

Young people should work hard and avoid falling into the trap of going the kuromba route. It has dire consequences and must never be an option. Our economy may not be performing well right now but let’s all be patient with time.

I wish to end by urging Zimbabwean citizens to avoid belittling death.

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