Chamisa Offers Practical Economic Recovery Path
4 August 2022
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By- Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader has laid out a comprehensive economic recovery plan. 

The proposal has several measures which he said could stabilise the economy. 

Below is Chamisa’s proposal he offered after last weeks Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s empty mid-term budget review.

The following must be done immediately: 

a) Dollarisation which will immediately eliminate distortions, forward pricing and multiple pricing; 

b) Restoration of the US$540 as a starting salary;

c) Holistic tax reform. Reduce the tax burden on citizens and the business in general. As part of the tax reforms, we will remove the 2% tax and streamline taxes; d)Remove distortions esp in the agricultural sector and construction sectors which has created a casino economy

e) The elimination of the Currency Auction and reforming the RBZ through limiting the power of the central bank. Separating the roles of central banking and financial services supervision.

f) Reforming the budgetary process, so that the budget comes from parliament and not from ministry of Finance. The budget must come from the Citizens -a Citizens-centered budget.

g) Radically dealing with the corruption pandemic and instituting special mechanisms to eliminate and punish the corrupt.

h) Holding credible, free and fair elections preceded by a comprehensive pact on electoral reforms.

i) Only a leadership change will rescue our beautiful country and in no time turn and transform this Zimbabwe from ruins to greatness. We are new leaders. #RegisterToVoteZW