Latest On Fraudulent Allocation Of Land By Harare City Council Boss
4 August 2022
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Own Correspondent

From the 14th of March published articles on rot and corruption at Harare City Council.

One Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha (45), the Principal Town Planner was swindling unsuspecting residents of thousands of dollars through her loverboy and “Ben10” Kudzai Elton Mawondo(33). received audios and chats of their schemes. Mugocha had also started harrassing and victimizing some of the witnesses who had evidence against her.

This was evidenced by how she then rushed to apply for a peace order against a certain woman making allegations against her.

Mugocha claims she is being targeted by people who nurse grudges against her.

Mugocha claimed her offices were searched in her absence but how is that possible at Cleveland House a council building guarded by municipal police and who in right senses would leave an office door open, not locked at a public building?

Sources at Cleveland House say Mugocha’s office has tight security settings.

Another media house took the story and portrayed her a victim as she declared in court before Magistrate Sharon Mashavire that Council had conducted investigations and nothing was found.

However, sources at Harare Municipal Workshop have revealed investigations are already underway under an officer named Mr Zihumo.

A source at the city council argued:
“So why did Mugocha lie before a magistrate if for a fact she did not know someone was protecting her at the top in council?”

“Mugocha never made a report to ZRP or Council Police for the alledged abuse which later proved to us all this she had done rushing to civil court was trying to intimidate a witness wanting the matter to be swept under the carpet,” added the source at Harare City Council.

As all this was raging on, Mugocha for the past 7 years has been in an illicit affair with Kudzai Elton Mawondo while legally married.

According to court documents, her marriage was only terminated on the 2nd Of June after she filed for divorce which was uncontested on the 30th of March.

Not only is Mugocha corrupt but for the past years she was a despicable cheating wife.

As she bellowed and declared in court how she was being abused in the background she was now trying to cover her tracks of infidelity and just being an unscrupulous women with no dignity in her.

Close sources say Mawondo from the age of 25, was already a live- in boyfriend of Mugocha who constantly assaulted him over infidelity.

At some point, neighbours vividly explained how Mawondo was beaten up and had flour poured on him with his clothes thrown outside as he was kicked out of Mugocha’s Hatfield house .

An elderly woman showed concern and wondered if Mawondo had no family.

The neighbours also mentioned how Mugocha constructed a perimeter wall and put up a big gate .The neighbours also believe the allegations are true.

On the settlement she then mentions Stand No. 548 Amsterdam Township , Southley Park, Harare that she states is hers and should be put in her 3 kids names in equal shares and states the husband should be awarded usufruct until she remarries or dies.

Usufruct meaning the right to use and enjoy the use of one’s property short of destruction.

Though at the same time Mugocha stays at 49 Scott Road Hatfield which is her house that she built and completed.Somehow she chose not to mention that property in her divorce application nor did she use her personal address as it is clear she wanted it concealed from the world.

Commiting perjury before Judge Tsanga who presided over the matter as the house and stand at 49 Scott Road Hatfield was purchased and built during the course of her marriage.

On then speaking to one of the witnesses further information was relayed to us.How there is also talk of another stand in Waterfalls at Stoneridge in her name which the witness did not deny or brush off as Mugocha’s Ben10 is famous for approaching young girls and lying to them wasting their time pretending to be an eligible bachelor who stays in a one bedroom flat in Waterfalls yet he stays with Mugocha in Hatfield where he is looked after as he has no job or source of income except stealing from citizens caught unaware promising them land.

So how does a Council employee with a council salary get to build 2 to 3 houses in her name and still be labelled clean? 49 Scott Road Hatfield and 548 Amsterdam Townships Southley Park are both in her name and properties developed by Mugocha.Is it not now clear that some people are now protecting her as clearly they have deals that they could have done together and it’s now difficult to put Mugocha in line as she will not go down alone?

How is her wealth amassed explained yet she is fulltime employee at Council and no side occupations?

It is very clear Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha nee Mbanga has a number of properties in her name that are being occupied by relatives or persons of interest.

“We have written to council for an explanation and we hope we will be responded to as it has been revealed everyone investigating or going after Barbara Mugocha is either suspended or victimized at council.We hope the docket will see the light of day in court and not just being swept under the carpet,” a representative of a residents’ forum said on Wednesday.

By putting the Southlea stand in her kids names she is trying to cover up so that when stands in her name are traced they will not find anything .

Kudzai Mawondo