What Sport Is Easiest to Bet On?
5 August 2022
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Some people tend to divide sports into two categories in terms of betting on them: easy sports and tough ones. But honestly speaking, this grade is under huge question for various reasons. Let’s say one person easily bets on a box, whereas the other person finds it a way-too-hard sport and bets on chess. Everything here depends on the perspective you’re looking from. There are a lot of controversial opinions in this regard, and large international bookmaking companies are only making it worse. Because sportsbooks like 1xbet Nigeria and Betwinner cover every single existing sport on the planet, leaving you with the opportunity to equally bet on every sport. No matter the obstacles, right here and right now we will try to answer this fairly frequently asked question once and for all: “What sport is the easiest to bet on?”

Does This Easiest Sport Ever Exist?

We’ve already briefly mentioned that this beast doesn’t really exist. And the grade between easy and hard is so much of a subjective opinion, so it’s pretty hard to say something in general. But there’s something that we can suggest you do that is quite similar to the head question of this article. Everyone has preferences and skills that tend to gravitate toward one or two specific fields of application, in our case, sports. The best strategy for finding your personal easiest sport to bet on is recognizing your strong and weak sides, and moreover, what you are passionate about. Each sporting discipline has specific points that are unique, and if you are certain that you are able to deal with them, there’s nothing wrong with picking it for betting and claiming that this sport is the easiest one for you. Personally. Do not forget about your direct relation to this statement.

Once you know your sport of choice, you’ll be able to develop your knowledge around it. And the more practice you put into your path, the sooner you’ll see the results. In the following paragraphs we’ll touch upon the most popular sports for betting and why you should consider picking them.


Soccer, or football, is the world’s biggest sport of all time. The largest number of placed bets belongs to soccer as well, meaning almost every bettor has ever staked cash on a football match. If you have never had an interest in this sport, even with its relative simplicity, it might still be hard for you.

With the intention of understanding the complexity of soccer betting, let’s look at the most common betting market, 1X2. It implies only three possible outcomes: a home win for 1, a draw for X, and an away win for 2. So, theoretically, you have 33% to simply guess. We can’t completely rule out the draw because nearly 20% of games end in ties. As you can see, there’s nothing easy about betting on soccer, and you won’t be able to effectively guess the outcome. Yet millions of people are still placing wagers on football on a daily basis. This can be explained by the world’s admiration of this sport and the enormous number of fans who are actively promoting it everywhere they can. If you’re dedicated enough to learning the basics, you’re more than likely to do this in a short period of time. And it doesn’t take a genius to become a football betting expert.

Whenever you bet on soccer, it’s crucial not to forget about refreshing your knowledge and keeping your focus on teams. On lineups and on certain individuals, to be more concrete. The decision-making process should consider the team’s current state, previous performances, motivation, level of general fatigue, and many more factors. It’s a lot of stuff to juggle, and that’s exactly why betting on football seems so attractive. The play gives you the emotions you were searching for, and the betting process itself is quite entertaining with millions of possible scenarios you can come up with. Mixing business with pleasure, they say.


            Watching tennis is quite an enjoyable process, even when you don’t really understand what’s going on on the court. And when you do, it appears in a completely different light. Sadly, there aren’t as many opportunities to get your hands on tennis as with football, since it requires a specially equipped space, not just a field and a ball. But the fact that you can’t play tennis does not cut off the excitement of watching it.

Speaking of chances, obviously, the situation seems to be better. The match has only two possible outcomes. Thus, there’s only a fifty-fifty chance of guessing a winner. Of course, this applies to the simplest types of bets. Tennis has more original and challenging betting markets, which you can conquer only if you have in-depth knowledge and put a fair amount of time into going through the statistics and analytics.

            Although tennis does not look as appealing as football, it’s definitely a safe and entertaining pick in terms of sports betting. Tennis matches are played regularly around the year, and the tension that comes with them can be compared to the prestige football tournaments.


Basketball, and its North American League NBA in particular, has been the focus of sports bettors’ attention for decades. Unlike many other sports, basketball matches are not played throughout the year and have active and off-season time. Nevertheless, this sport firmly holds the top-three position in the world in terms of popularity and has such a high demand. Just imagine how many people are ready to stay up at night to watch their favorite NBA match, considering the fact that for the good part of the world the play only begins when everybody around sleeps.

We’re back to chances, and here the situation can get a little bit tricky. Technically, it’s quite impossible to imagine a typical 1X2 scenario since the basketball match always ends with a winner. If no winner is determined in regulation time, overtimes will be scheduled until one team takes the lead. Thus, it’s fair to claim that chances to guess are as high as in tennis, at 50%. Keep in mind to double check the betting markets since the most sneaky bookmakers do not mark 1X2 with a label “Regular Time.” Imagine predicting a tie, being absolutely correct about it, and not getting a win because there will be a winner anyway thanks to the endless overtimes. For example, one of the most well-known and reputable sportsbooks, 1xbet, names its betting markets as “Team To Win” and “1X2 In Regular Time.”

            Basketball matches are incredibly tense and extremely entertaining. Even if this sport is not your thing for betting, you won’t waste an hour of your precious time watching an NBA match. In terms of possible variations for betting markets, the level of originality and creativity can rocket-jump as high as with soccer. But with the intention of having a great pastime and grabbing some cash, a simple single bet on a winner will be enough.


Although there’s no such thing as the easiest sport to bet on, there’s definitely something that will work out better for you due to your personal preferences and potential. The world’s most popular sports for betting are always spectacular, easy to understand, and have roots in local cultures. In case you’re only a beginner, we definitely recommend you check out soccer, tennis, and basketball. Both competitiveness and comprehension are essential components in these games. If you happen to like one of these sports, you will have a great time learning about it and placing bets on it. We wish you good luck, and remember to play responsibly.