Tinashe Maphosa, Mai Titi Update
6 August 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | The following is a summary of the circumstances around the celebrity Mai Titi (Felistas Murata) who has raised several allegations against her estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa.

Mai Titi was dating a US based man only known as Shepherd, and was looking for a US visa, and the latter applied for her visitors permit. After this, Mai Titi told Shepherd she now has a visa, and the man said, no wait, this is not the right time. At this moment, Mai Titi announced she is carrying Shepherd’s pregnancy, but he didn’t have money for the ticket.


Shepherd’s sister purchased a plane ticket for her.

Upon arriving in the US, Mai Titi had a misunderstanding with the man and she moved out and changed relationships. She started dating Tinashe Maphosa.

At one time, Tinashe caught the woman talking with Shepherd over the phone and he was not happy with her.

After 3 weeks of starting a relationship with Tinashe, she swiftly got married with him.

She then afterwards, flew to Zimbabwe, and there was plan to get customarily married in Zimbabwe. He followed her to Zim for the lobola ceremony. After the lobola, Tinashe flew to Zimbabwe 3 months later for the wedding. Mai Titi prepared the whole wedding, according to her claim.

Mai Titi now accuses Tinashe of using her own money to get married, and most of the lobola, she scoffs at him saying he borrowed most of the lobola-money. She spends hours filming herself on Facebook-live making a spectacle of him that he is not man enough to use his own money, most of it was borrowed.

Mai Titi says the wedding cost USD100,000 and from it she is claiming USD50,000 in refunds. These claims have caused a misunderstanding.

Mai Titi has been going to different online platforms making several allegations such as that:

1. Tinashe raped her many times; and that he even raped her during her menstruation.

2. Tinashe Maphosa wanted to stab her with a kitchen knife.

3. Tinashe Maphosa owes her USD50,000 from the wedding expenses.


Mai Titi announces saying she is now on a mission to destroy Tinashe Maphosa. She complains saying she was blocked from entering the US embassy when she tried to enter so she can report him to the ambassador. She launched a hashtag titled, #Tinashemustfall.

Speaking to ZimEye, Mr Maphosa answered explaining why he had to record audio conversations with his wife, saying he had discovered that she lies.

As we prepare for the full grand interview, ZimEye presents the audios of Tinashe with Mai Titi’s UK based aunt, only known as, Mildred. ALL EXCLUSIVE UPDATES ON TINASHE MAPHOSA WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE ON ZIMEYE