Mzembi Questions Continued Mandatory Wearing Of Masks In Zimbabwe
7 August 2022
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Former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi has questioned the continued forcing of citizens to wear face masks in Zimbabwe at a time most countries have relaxed the regulation.

Posting on Twitter, Mzembi who was commenting on a picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his party deputy Kembo Mohadi standing at the airport, he said the continued use or masks is reflective of a controlling and fearful spirit by the Zimbabwean government.

“There is something draconian & reflective of a controlling & fearful spirit in the observance of mask wearing when virtually most countries in the world have relaxed this Regulation , what really is the continued fascination with the mask in August 2022,” said Mzembi.

Face masks are still mandatory in Zimbabwe with the police still arresting those seen in public without it.

Other countries such as South Africa, Zambia and United Kingdom among others have relaxed Covid-19 regulations allowing citizens to move freely without the burden of a mask.