Citizen Narrates Horrendous Robbery Case That Left Him Traumatized
11 August 2022
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Had a robbery at home between 20:29 and 21:20. We drove in different cars home from hospital. Kids suggested that dad and mom must race.

So we drove behind each other and side by side most of the time. And I overtook and drove in front and following distance was 50m I opened the gate and drove straight into the garage and so did my family. And as i tried to close the gate I saw a man come in, gun pointed, asked us to lie down. Grandad was shocked I suspect he didn’t. Kids too. Lelo was asking who are you! Then they took house keys.

Asked me To take kids behind the house. I pulled my phone out while walking to notify neighbours. They saw me and took my phone. Then tied is with cables. They could not open our door and he’d to forcibly break the cables while tying my hands.

Sustained injury My helper was inside the house and we had said there is no one. She smsed a friend who called police and security companies most who said they don’t patrol out area. He parked across the street, thinking robbers were on foot. He saw the gate open and the guys sped off in a white Mercedes’ benz.

They seemed to have trailed us but we are not sure. Took three laptops, Samsung tv, some house keys, gate remotes, two hard drives, around R2000, my wife’s ring, iPad, iMac, TV, They forced me to give them the iPhone password and now it appears untraceable. They asked iCloud passwords but I didn’t have.

I tried deleting the phone and can’t do it. And they seem aware of Twitter because they were asking who did I tweet Hard drives are 1 terabyte and two terabytes. iPhone pro 11 is grey and has no FaceID. Of course they’d reset password but FaceID won’t work.

Serial# for iMac C02SH9DVGF1 The main loss was my work of course and we hope someone might come across these things for sale. Pls retweet maybe I’d be lucky. If anyone comes across suspicious items please app me at 0734385545.