Just In- Mai Titi Confirms She Lied She’s Reconciled With Tinashe
12 August 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | The sociallite Mai Titi on Friday afternoon confirmed she has truly separated from her husband, Tinashe Maphosa, contrary to her earlier claims that they have reconciled.

On Thursday night, ZimEye exclusively revealed that the two are now totally separated, despite suggestions on the Facebook website.

Said Mai Titi: “I am in a position where I am rewinding, I am reflecting. What have I done to do this?

“So people can still move on…I don’t care really because I am not fighting for love… I got humiliated, I got stripped. I am trying to get to basics, to come back to myself,” she added.

Mai Titi also accused Tinashe of being a liar. “That guy is a liar,” she said.

Mai Titi on Friday afternoon