CCC Mugwazo Gathers Momentum
13 August 2022
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Chambara Family Tournament mobilized many youths in Makoni South Constituency yesterday during mugwazo.

11 August 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia District applaud the diligence exhibited by its vibrant and organic chairperson Elisha Chambara who gathered scores of the millennial generation through ball games as a sure way of mass mobilisation ahead of the historic 2023 elections. The committed and dedicated Family Trust organised and sponsored a mouth-watering tournament meant to encourage citizens to register to vote for change in 2023. The chair made it point blank that their main target were the youths who seem to be indifferent to the socio-economic and political upheavals in the motherland.

All roads led to Gandanzara Primary School, Makoni South where football and netball games were hosted by the energetic Chambara family. The tournament was launched as a way of promoting ‘mugwazo’ where champions are given a revolutionary target to recruit, mobilise,radicalise, organize and register citizens to vote for the change that delivers. The district salutes such a pragmatic approach to the national democratic. Prizes included:Gold, Silver & Bronze medals, soccer and netball kits, football and netballs – women also received sanitary pads.

Moreover, change champions in ward 23 hosted the inspiring tournament. We were delighted to learn that the participants also enjoyed refreshments celebrating their new inspiration to vote for President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. The hosting Ward 23, Chimbike Chikuruwo team scooped gold, Ward 18 grabbed silver, Ward 23, Gandanzara Gwidza Chin’ono team won bronze, and Ward 17 was in 4th place in football. Netball results were as follows: Gold was won by Ward 18, Silver Gwidza, ward 23 followed by Ward 23 Gandanzara, and on the 4th was ward 17. We encourage all change champions across the globe to get inspiration from the blessed Chambara family.

On a different note, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia Rundu Branch Interim Treasurer General Obert Chesango handed over a financial donation to the International organiser Amos Chibaya ahead of Gokwe Kabuyuni by-elections. Simbarashe Ndoda, Rundu Branch interim Secretary-General encouraged branch members to keep on supporting the struggle materially and financially. He went on to urge citizens in Namibia and across the globe to supplement moral support with materials and finances needed to accomplish our mission.

Mugwazo is the only panacea to reach our desired 6 million voters for change in 2023. Thank you, Mr. Chairman! Thank you, Rundu Branch Treasurer-General Obert Chesango for the sacrifice. I hope all external assemblies shall be inspired by this outstanding commitment.

Furthermore, Namibia District is thankful for the donations that came from the Citizens Coalition For Change European Union towards the dedicated polling agents who protected our vote in the recently held by-elections in Kariba and Chipinge. Ambassadors in Europe who subscribe to the yellow revolution paid more than 30 polling agents after the elections. Salutations to our CCC Ambassador to the UK and EU, Doc. Eliot Pfebve, and UK Interim Spokesperson Patricia Chinyoka not forgetting all champions who contributed to the noble cause. Everyone must play his or her part in the yellow revolution.

In a nutshell, citizens in Namibia continue to demand the unconditional release of Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole, the Nyatsime 13, and all political prisoners who are victims of political imprisonment.





Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya