Zanu PF Destroys CCC Posters
13 August 2022
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President Chamisa in rural Chipinge today: Citizens Thank you rally.

As President Chamisa is expected to address a bumper crowd in Masvingo, Mucheke stadium tomorrow.

As Zanu PF tears Masvingo CCC Rally posters

13 August 2022

Wezhira Munya

Today, charismatic and crowd puller President Nelson Chamisa will be at Kondo in Chipinge, thanking the Citizens Coalition for Change supporters for overwhelmingly voted for CCC councillor during by election last month.

To confirm the THANK YOU RALLY, President Chamisa yesterday, wrote on this twitter, “Citizens Thank You Rally…. We’re at Kondo in Chipinge tomorrow Saturday, to thank the Citizens for overwhelmingly voting for Change in the recent by elections. We’re yellow. We’re Gold.”

The rally starts today at 10am.

Citizens Coalition for Change Chipinge ward 16 councillor defeated Zanu PF, Madhuku’s party and independent candidate. This seat was won by MDC Alliance previously, but unpopular Mwonzora failed to field candidate during by election to reclaim the seat. One of the main reasons MDC Alliance under Mwonzora failed to field council candidate in Chipinge is that the party does not have structures in Chipinge as a result they failed to get a candidate, said one MDC T national member.

This victory cements the narrative that CCC party is rural and urban party.

The are reports from Chipinge that Zanu PF members are trying to stop President Chamisa and CCC party to hold Thank You Rally.

However, fearless CCC champions have vowed to proceed with the rally.

In Masvingo, Citizens Coalition for Change Champions and supporters are engaging in serious door to door and car rallies mobilizing people to attend tomorrow’s rally, said champion Ruth “vaChivi” Mapiye.

President Chamisa is coming to thank Masvingo for voting for four CCC councillors during 26 March 2022 by elections. The CCC victorious councillors are: ward 3 Rock Kamuzondo, ward 4 Aleck Tabe, ward 5 Daniel Mberikunashe and ward 7 Richard Musekiwa.

Panicking Masvingo Zanu PF members yesternight were tearing CCC Rally posters in ward 4 and other wards.

Champion advocate Martin Mureri a human rights defender said, it is illegal for Zanu PF members to tear CCC posters and police must arrest these thugs.

Tomorrow’s Masvingo CCC Rally was cleared by police.

According to champion Jefferson Chitando, first 7 000 people to enter Mucheke stadium will receive free CCC yellow flag. CCC members in Masvingo have made beautful CCC flags. Mucheke stadium will be yellow.

Masvingo Thank You Rally starts at 10am.