Tinashe Maphosa, Short Update
14 August 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | The following is a briefing on the US based Mr Tinashe Maphosa and his sociallite wife, Mai TT who recently accused her husband, for domestic violence and rape, speaking on live video to many sociallites.

In her allegations, Mai Titi said she was even threatened with a kitchen knife in the US.

Tinashe Maphosa

Maphosa contacted, Simba Chikanza, on a Thursday evening, saying he denies all the allegations and will soon tell his side of the story.

He distanced himself from a Facebook page titled, “Tinashe Maphosa Official,” saying it is not his. He added saying he never reconciled with her as she alleges in her many videos.

We gave him the live video platform, but he has not been forthcoming. For over 3 times he has been promising to come out. Appointments have not been met, as Maphosa keeps saying he has legal processes that are underway, so he requires more time. We are now at a cold standstill as more allegations are being offloaded by Mai Titi.