Zanu PF Launches ED Perfume
17 August 2022
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By- Zanu PF party has launched a perfume, ED 2023 victory scent, to lure voters ahead of the 2023 elections.

The party leader, also known ED has set up “empowerment programmes” such as Young Women for ED (YW4ED), Men BelievED, a new teachers’ union Teachers for ED, ED 2023 premium bread and Councillors for ED (C4ED).

The programmes are accompanied by much fanfare in flashy, expensive cars and branded clothing in Zanu PF green, yellow, red, white and black colours to lure new voters.

One such movement, Men BelievED, with the mantra “ED promised, ED delivered”, describes itself as a movement of empowered entrepreneurs who support Mnangagwa’s vision.

Some critics have accused President Mnangagwa of trying to create a personality cult by using his initials “ED” for alleged Zanu PF parallel structures.

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