Mutsvangwa Cornered Over Abuse Of Marry Chiwenga
18 August 2022
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By A Correspondent | The Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa was on Wednesday cornered over the plight of the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s ex wife, Marry Mubaiwa, who the state has continued wheeling to trial hearings.

This was during debates when the government was asked to comment on why Marry Chiwenga continues to be abused. Below is the discussion (transcript).

HON. MATAMBO: Thank you Madam Speaker. My question is directed to the Leader of the House. What is the policy regarding the rights of patients who are non-ambulant and bedridden? We have seen patients being dragged to the courts to answer criminal charges against them? 

BROADCASTING SERVICES (HON. SEN. MUTSVANGWA):  Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir. I want to thank Hon. Matambo for the question, I hope I got the question right. The policy of Government when it comes to patents’ rights whether they are bedridden or not is to make sure that all patients are taken good care of, thank you.

HON. MATAMBO: Thank you Hon. Speaker Sir, my question
is regarding the rights to patients. We still see patients who are still being dragged to answer criminal charges against them when they are in a bad state. Legally, a person whose is critical, certified sick is not allowed to consent and the same are being brought to the courts. What is Government policy regarding the rights of patients, for example the case of Mary Mubayiwa-Chiwenga?

HON. SEN. MUTSVANGWA: Thank you very much Mr.
Speaker Sir and I want to thank Hon. Matambo for the question. As I said earlier, the policy of Government is to make sure that the rights of patients are respected at all costs. If he has got a specific question, that can be directed to the Ministry of Health.

HON. CHIKWINYA: Thank you Mr. Speaker, I think the
question that we want to understand as Members of Parliament is that when a person is critically ill, is it the court that comes to the person who is bedridden or it is the bedridden person who is supposed to be wheeled into court? Thank you.
The Hon. Minister having approached the Chair

Can the Hon. Member repeat the question.

HON. CHIKWINYA: I think the Minister was not listening. I was giving a supplementary question. We would like to know the rights of the sick people. We know that a person might have committed a crime but if the person is seriously sick, what will happen? Does the court come to the sick or the sick goes to the court? For instance, the case of Marry Mubaiwa – was the court not supposed to come to Mary Mubaiwa and do the case instead of Marry Mubaiwa going to the court?


Mr. Speaker. I would like to thank the supplementary question from Hon. Chikwinya. I would like to say the rights of the sick are of importance to us. We do not care wherever you are in hospital or at home but he is asking a specific question which he already knows the answer and that is why I would kindly ask him to put it in writing so that you will be answered well. Thank you.