Digital Communication And Business Growth
19 August 2022
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Business Correspondent

ZimAdsense, a platform run by Ads Network Zim is the game changer in terms of online business.

ZimAdsense operates like Google AdSense , according to Ads Network Zim.

Ads Network Zim, quoted by an online business publication said :

“We work hand in hand with bloggers who put the picture banner or text ads on their websites. Ads Network Zim platform allows companies or individuals to advertise on various blogs or websites using different types of picture banners and text advertisements which one can upload on the platform.

These banner ads are like those we see on the side of the roads. The only difference is we will see them online and that they are clickable. Ads Network Zim Pvt is making marketing easy, accurately targeted, and affordable.

With more than half a million people surfing the internet every day for different things like news, entertainment, and shopping, Ads Network Zim’s platform ZimAdsense may be a game changer for marketers in Zimbabwe.”

“The platform also benefits local bloggers who will be paid for joining the platform. This will create job opportunities for many Zimbabwean youths who are in content creation.

The best part of the Zimadsense platform is it’s very affordable for all businesses who want instant results to use it.”

For more information about Zimadsense signup here :

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