Zanu PF Terrorises AFM Pastor
19 August 2022
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AFM Zimbabwe pastor Muroyiwa flees political persecution from deadly Zanu PF and police

As police and Zanu PF manhunt Rev. Muroyiwa as they perceive him to be “most dangerous” pastor who can influence christians to vote for CCC party in 2023 elections.

19 August 2022

By Prince Mudamburi

The AFM Zimbabwe youthful pastor and former MDC Alliance Chaplin General Blessing Muroyi flees Zimbabwe due to heavy political persecution by the ruling party Zanu PF and deadly security forces.

Pastor Muroyiwa is with Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party in Zimbabwe after MDC Alliance led by Mwonzora fired him and President-chamisas-message-of-hope-2

Then President Chamisa formed political party CCC. This party is now the biggest opposition party in Zimbabwe. Many CCC members are languishing in prison including Members of Parliament honourable Job Sikhala, honourable Godfrey Sithole.

Pastor Muroyiwa is a political activist, who was appointed Chaplin General of the biggest political party in Zimbabwe by the then President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in 2008.

In September 2019, Pastor Muroyiwa was arrested by partisan Zimbabwe Republic Police after he gave opening prayer at prayer meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Ruthless Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zanu PF thugs subjected Pastor Muroyiwa to heavy beatings. He suffered physical and emotion problems due to police brutality.

To save his life, pastor Muroyiwa had to flee to Japan. He cannot come back to Zimbabwe because Zanu PF and police have listed him on the wanted list.

Zanu PF has history of killing anyone who voice against it’s corruption and other evil activities. Opposition members such as Tonderai Ndira , Learnmore Jongwe, Itai Dzamara were killed by Zanu PF and deadly security forces.

One of his relatives who spoke on condition of anonymous said, “On 14th August 2022, about 8 Zanu PF supporters came to Pastor Muroyiwa’s house and asked about his whereabouts. We told them that he is in Japan. Then Zanu PF officials told us to inform Pastor Muroyiwa not to come back to Zimbabwe.”

Zanu PF thugs went to Rev. Muroyiwa’s house after they read his Facebook post on 1April 2022, false day. He had posted that he has arrived in Zimbabwe.

Commenting on this new and constant political persecution, Pastor Muroyiwa said, “It’s true that l received reports that Zanu PF and police are looking for me with intention to harm me. This creates fear in me. It’s sad, that l am being haunted for my political views.”

The energetic and youthful AFM pastor Muroyiwa was instrumental in creating MDC Alliance provincial Chaplains across Zimbabwe. This has made him one enemy among Zanu PF supporters. Pastor Muroyiwa is regarded as an agent of change in Zimbabwe according to Mr Munyaradzi Muzenda a political analyst.

Before his departure to Japan, Pastor Muroyiwa was part of the fearless Zimbabwean pastors who actively participated in Christian Vote Campaign. This organisation, had a main objective to advocate for christians in Zimbabwe to register to vote. Again, Zanu PF was against this organisation as it regarded it as pro-opposition.

Since his departure to Japan in October 2019, Christian Vote Campaign has been very ineffective and as a result few christians will votes in 2023 harmonized elections in Zimbabwe.

Rev Manduna the Bulawayo provincial Chaplin Chairperson told this publication that since the departure of Pastor Muroyiwa there is no proper drive on Christian Vote campaign which is a cause of worry as we are approaching the 2023 election without a proper strategy on mobilising the Christian Vote.

Pastor Muroyiwa left the Zimbabwe after being abducted and beaten following his involvement in political activities. Pastor Muroyiwa with other notable pastors such as Douglous Mambure Aleck Matimba and Rev Munemo Tadious after being accused by state agents for trying to block the Zanu PF First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa to attend and address an AFM church gathering in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. This story of trying to block Zanu PF and the wife of Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa was also reported in H-Metro Newspaper that belong to Zanu PF.

According to one police source that is sympathetic to Pastor Muroyiwa said, “If pastor Muroyiwa returns to Zimbabwe, the state will charge him with the allegation of intending to overthrow a Zanu PF constitutionally elected government through mobilising the church community to be involved in political affairs”.

Zanu P F government has a bad record of killing, persecuting and arresting church leaders such as Rev. Evan Mawaire, Rev. Magaya, Priest Pius Ncube, Rev. Talent Chiwenga among others.