Woman Claims Maintenance For Child Sired After 1 Night Stand
20 August 2022
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By A Correspondent- A Harare woman dragged her former lover to court claiming $50 000 as maintenance for a child he allegedly sired, after a one night stand, 15 years ago.

The matter came to light when Mercy Muchara approached the Harare Civil Court, accusing Wonder Chizeve of neglecting his child.

However, Wonder argued he only became aware of the child’s existence recently, accusing Muchara of victimising him, after the death of her husband.

He sensationally claimed the child was not his.

“The child is not mine, she never told me about the child during the past 15 years. We were never in a relationship, we only met in a bar and we had a one-night stand,” said Chizeve. He told the court that a child could not have been conceived since they used protection.

We used protection although she later told me that the condom had burst the following morning.

“After some time she got married and we never saw each other until recently when she came back claiming I was her child’s father.

“The child carries another man’s last name and I am told she lost the man in question to Covid-19, hence she is trying to pin me to a child I am not responsible for,” said Chizeve.

In response, Mercy told the court that it was true that it was a one-night stand but she was sure Chizeve was the father of the child.

“Yes, I didn’t say any word for the past 15 years because I wanted to protect my marriage but, since my husband died, I decided to tell the truth so that Chizeve can maintain his child.”

After hearing both parties, magistrate Judith Taruvinga dismissed the case for lack of merit.

-H Metro