Zim Man Cuts Wife’s Throat Alive
26 August 2022
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HORRIBLE MURDER: A Zimbabwean man killed his wife by cutting her throat at their home in Alexandra, South Africa on Wednesday night. Its alleged on the fateful day, the suspect Gospel Dube (on the picture) well known for abusing his wife suspected his wife Sisasenkosi Nkomo (pictured) was cheating on him. This is after Sisa stood up to him saying she was fed up of being physically abused daily by Dube. This heartless coward Gospel took a knife and murdered the lady by cutting her throat and stabbed her several times before fleeing their home.

Murder suspect

Gospel Dube is currently on the run and has since closed down his Facebook account and his mobile number remains unreachable. He is originally from Nyamandlovu area in Zimbabwe. The couple lived at house No 150-6th Avenue Alexandra. The family and SAPS are appealing for help in finding the suspect Mr Gospel Dube. The family is appealing for financial help to repatriate the body of Sisa to Zimbabwe. Her funeral policy was last paid 6 months ago and the company just told the family they can’t help because of failure to pay for the policy in full. Anyone with information please call the family members on +27 68 520 5263 or +27827285393 Or call crime stoppers or Alexandra Police on +27 11 321 7600 – Ezra Sibanda