Armed Zanu PF Agents Disrupt President Chamisa Gokwe Programme
27 August 2022
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ZANU PF Gokwe members Armed with AK-47 guns disrupt President Chamisa’s by election campaign rally in Gokwe- Kubuyini yesterday

As Zanu PF members beat and injured four journalists and blocked President Chamisa’s convoy

26 August 2022

Wezhira Munya

Fear of by election defeat caused Zanu PF to unleash violence in Gokwe. Gokwe was turned into war zone yesterday as Zanu PF thugs beat CCC supporters and journalists.

Yesterday, the Zanu PF satanic forces manifested in Gokwe as Zanu PF members with AK-47 guns, machetes and other weapons beat and injured four journalists who were covering President Chamisa’s rally in Gokwe yesterday.

ZimLive reported that, “4 Zimbabwe journalists were beaten and forced to delete their footage by the ruling Zanu PF supporters in Zimbabwe. The journalists are: Chelsea Mushayambire, Pellagia Mpurwa, Tongai Mwenje and Teneo Rutsio.”

In addition, the journalists cars were badly damaged by Zanu PF thugs.

After beating journalists, Zanu PF thugs blocked President Chamisa’s motorcade from accessing the rally venue.

However, the intelligent President Chamisa had to use another way to reach the rally venue and addressed fearless Citizens Coalition for Change supporters.

Interestingly, the police could not stop Zanu PF thugs from blocking the roads.

CCC national organizer Hon Amos Chibaya said, the police cleared CCC rally but are not protecting us.

Before President Chamisa arrived at the rally, Zanu PF officials in Gokwe launched a high speed chase with President Chamisa’s motorcade for 45 kms in the dusty road. Zanu PF members wanted to beat or even kill President Chamisa in Gokwe. However, President Chamisa’s well trained security outpaced Zanu PF members.

Zanu PF had 29 cars chasing President Chamisa’s convoy.

CCC spokesperson advocate Fadzai Mahere writes on her twitter said, “These Zanu PF official cars launched a high speed chase against President Chamisa’s convoy. The thugs were armed and stoned our vehicles. They are running scared but we haven’t even started yet! This is pre-game warm up and they are already sweating.”

In addition, CCC member in Gokwe Mr Zhou said, “We have received reports that Zanu PF Midlands Provincial Chairperson Larry Mavhima and Zanu PF minister of Local Government July Moyo were coordinating the orgy of violence in Gokwe today. Zanu PF thugs were using over 29 cars and armed with AK-47s guns and other weapons were involved in a high speed chase against President Chamisa’s convoy.”

Gokwe is in Midlands province is where Zanu PF president Mnangagwa comes from. CCC supporter Mr Ncube was killed and other CCC supporters were injured at CCC Kwekwe, Midlands by election campaign rally in March 2022 by Zanu PF thugs.

Commenting on the violence against CCC in Gokwe yesterday, former Zanu PF member Dr Walter Muzembi writes on his Twitter , “Zanu PF is not responding to your (CCC) pacifist strategy, they are war mongers. You need to RESET,
77 X 7 doesn’t work with thugs, you give them the ‘other cheek they will still clap you! By year end rural areas will be no go areas, this is not politics it’s war.”

Dr Muzembi further explained and projected that, “After Zanu PF October congress , No rural area will be accessible to “CCC” opposition, infact there will be a competition of sorts on whose District is a No Go Area and politically impenetrable. Read Signs , when this party (Zanu PF) faces defeat it’s Default mode is violence.”

The above analysis by Dr Muzembi and events in Gokwe resonate well with 2008 Zanu PF violence and Gukurahundi.

Interestingly, CCC members in Gokwe yesterday were not intimidated by Zanu PF violence as they attended the rally. The situation was tense, as heavily armed riot police came at the rally venue to maintain peace. President Chamisa addressed the rally. President Chamisa encouraged Gokwe citizens to vote for CCC candidate Mr Constin Muguti during by election on Saturday 3rd August 2022.

There is a by election in Gokwe -Kubuyini after the death of Zanu PF member of Parliament Leonard Chikomba in road accident in May 2022.

The by election in Gokwe will be the battle between CCC candidate Mr Costin Muguti and Zanu PF candidate Spencer Tshuma.

Costin Muguti represented MDC Alliance under President Chamisa in 2008 as member of Parliament won against the late Zanu PF member Leonard Chikomba. Costin Muguti had 7 234 votes and Zanu PF Chikomba had 7 156 votes in 2008.

Because of CCC candidate Muguti’s popularity , Zanu PF has resorted to violence. Zanu PF is afraid of free and fair elections. The newly born party CCC has been winning majority of council and parliamentary seats during by elections.

The unpopular and “zerorized” MDC T (Alliance) under Mwonzora has failed to field candidate to contest Gokwe-Kubuyini by election on 27th August 2022. In Gokwe, MDC T under Mwonzora does not have structures and members.

Under President Chamisa , CCC has been winning in once perceive Zanu PF rural areas.

This victory has caused Zanu PF to be at six and sevens.

President Chamisa commented on the fearlessness of Gokwe citizens on his Twitter , “Gokwe humbled me. They waited and braved all intimidation and violence by Zanu PF today.”

The “structureless” party CCC through it’s Mugwazo concept that it is using to recruit and mobilise it’s support based is causing headaches among Zanu PF. This winning strategy is a game changer.