Gokwe By-election On Today
27 August 2022
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27 August 2022

Wezhira Munya

The game is on.

The battle lines have be drawn in Gokwe-Kabuyini as Citizens Coalition for Change candidate Mr Costin Muguti and Zanu PF Spencer Tshuma square off in by elections today.

Who will win?

Interestingly, Gokwe- Kabuyini constituency have been won by both Zanu PF and MDC Alliance under the late President Tsvangirai.

In 2008, Costin Muguti got 7 234 votes after contesting under MDC Alliance led by President Tsvangirai and defeated the late Zanu PF member Leonard Chikomba who had 7 156 votes.

In 2018, Leonard Chikomba of Zanu PF won this seat.

Unfortunately, Chikomba died in road accident in May 2022.

The question is: will Gokwe-Kabuyini citizens re-elect Mr Muguti who is contesting under Citizens Coalition for Change led by President Chamisa. During his tenure as member of Parliament in 2008, Mr Muguti did many developmental projects.

Yesterday, Mr Muguti told studio 7, journalist Mr Godfrey Mutimba that, he will win today’s by election. On the other hand, Zanu PF Spencer Tshuma yesterday, told Studio 7 journalist Mr Mutimba that, he cannot speak to Studio 7.

Zanu PF used violence and stop President Chamisa from campaigning in Gokwe-Kabuyini.

Previous Zanu PF members of Parliament of Gokwe- Kabuyini and Zanu PF led Government have neglected and under developed Gokwe-Kabuyini since 1980.

Will Gokwe-Kabuyini people give Zanu PF another chance to underdevelop their area?

The answer to the above questions: will be given by the voters. Results will be announced after polling stations close at 7pm today.

Unpopular MDC T led by Mwonzora has once again failed to field candidate to contest Gokwe-Kabuyini by elections. The once mighty MDC T died under Mwonzora’s failed leadership.

Wezhira Munya is in Gokwe-Kubuyini to witness this epic battle.