President Chamisa’s Operation Mango Gives Mnangagwa Sleepless Nights
28 August 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa’s “Operation Mango” is giving Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa sleepless nights.

Operation Mango urges citizens to wear green while they are yellow inside.

According to CCC Namibia, Mr Mnangagwa’s administration wants to use violence to justify postponement of elections.

See full statement below:

State-sponsored violence by the regime is a political formula to suspend elections in 2023.

27 August 2022

Progressive and patriotic citizens who champion social democracy in Namibia echo the same trajectory as the Change Champion in Chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa on the infuriating issue of state-sponsored violence unleashed on social democrats. Cognizant of the evil intents to suspend the much-awaited harmonized elections after the change champions fight back against ZANU-PF thugs who are maiming, killing, and torturing citizens. ZANU-PF wants to declare a state of emergency before elections that is why they are provoking the majority of the citizenry.

Incessant political violence witnessed in Nyatsime, Seke, Uzumba, Wedza, Kwekwe, Masvingo, etc is an attempt to close the democratic space in the motherland.

It is imperative to avert falling into the diabolic trap of the regime which is desperate to have Zimbabwe ungovernable. As a peaceful party, we should not allow ZANU-PF to manipulate our peaceful approach to the national discourse. Defending ourselves is not violence but survival antics. What happened in Gokwe was a clear sign of panic and political ineptitude.

Operation Mango is an option for all the defenseless women, old men, and disabled who can’t run catch and mouse with the desperate ZANU-PF thugs who are used to kill innocent ciizens for a bottle of Super Chibuku and mutotiro.

These wayward youths must be liberated from these morons who are using state apparatus for the primitive accumulation of national resources.

Citizens should put themselves on the safe side from state repression. Citizens in Namibia support the operation since these sadists are torturing our members for putting on yellow. The best and most effective technique is to disguise the killers but knowing that the Citizens Coalition for Change is the only panacea to a New Great Zimbabwe.

The perpetual incarceration of Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala , Godfrey Sithole and the Nyatsime 14 is a direct attack on democratic values and constitutionalism since bail is a constitutional right enshrined in the constitution of 2013. Citizens should amplify their voices demanding the immediate release of the wrongfully imprisoned change champions. The culture of violence existed since the inception of the vibrant opposition in the new millennium. SADC, AU, and the United Nations must come to our rescue. We deserve their sympathy. Citizens in Namibia are pleading with the party to hastily implement our PREPARE(Pre-Election Pact on Electoral Reforms) so that we can manage to handle ZANU-PF rigging shenanigans.

It is not true that change champions can’t fight back but the pursued ideology does not allow them to use violence as a tool to resolve political issues.

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia condemns the arbitrary arrest of the change champion, a resident of Mutawatawa, Isheanesu Chirisa who was arrested on trumped-up charges. The charges were concocted after the change champion attended a well-subscribed rally held at Nhakiwa in Uzumba by the people’s president Nelson Chamisa. Isheanesu is facing charges of having a firearm. The intention is to deter him from participating in the national discourse. We demand his immediate release. The political prisoner appeared before Mutawatawa Magistrates Court today and he was remanded in custody to Monday the 29th of August.

We are well informed that more are being hunted in Uzumba, Maramba and Pfungwe for belonging to the yellow train. We encourage the membership and the entire leadership to offer solidarity to the incarcerated change champions.






Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya