Zanu PF Mocks ZEP Holders
29 August 2022
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By-Zanu PF legislators have mocked Zimbabweans in South Africa, telling them they were welcome back home in December.

Zanu PF Chief Whip, Pupurai Togarepi told them that Mnangagwa spearheaded many developmental projects to benefit everyone.

South Africa has said it will not renew holders of Zimbabwe Exemption Permits, expiring in December.

Togarepi and Nkayi South MP Stars Mathe are attending a Pan African Parliament committee in South Africa.

Togarepi told The Herald:

First things first. All Zimbabweans are welcome home anytime. They are free to come back to their country, where they are loved, where opportunities are there, and where they will live in peace. We cannot fight the laws of other countries, it’s good that our people are working here, earning incomes, and sending money back to their families. But if the laws of this land say Zimbabweans or foreigners should go back to their countries, we welcome them.
“There are programmes and opportunities by the Second Republic. The skills they got here can be very important for the efforts we are putting on the ground to develop Zimbabwe. So if any Zimbabweans in South Africa are told to leave, they should go home knowing they are welcome and leave happily for their motherland. We are looking forward to receiving them and giving them support.”