Zanu Pf Reports Local Authority To ZACC
29 August 2022
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By A Correspondent- A well-known and vocal Zanu PF youth Jasper Mhaka has reportedly filed an array of allegations ranging from wanton mismanagement to corruption against Mwenezi Rural District Council (MRDC) with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) calling for the anti-graft body to investigate the local authority.

The outspoken Mhaka, who has on record been claiming to be on a mission to square off with corrupt officials within the district, is accusing the local authority of several misconduct cases among them corruption, nepotism, funds embezzlement and massive citizen neglect.

In an interview with TellZim, Mhaka confirmed that he had indeed reported MRDC to ZACC for investigations.

Mhaka, said although he is yet to be given the case number under which his case was filed, he had approached the country’s corruption watchdog to inquire into the local authority’s activities which he claims have gone unabated.

“I can confirm that a report has been made to ZACC against the RDC. The local authority’s budget which they presented to residents is our first dossier.

When council presented its budget last year, they presented a faulty and corrupt budget which was arithmetically wrong and had several omissions,” said Mhaka.

He further accused MRDC of neglect and recklessness in handling sanitation services also claiming that the local authority had on several occasions violated the Public Finance Management Act.

“Despite the fact that residents pay exorbitant rates, there is very poor service delivery around Rutenga growth point. Council is on record of making clandestine resolutions.

If we are to look at devolution expenditures, most of them were done without going to tender as per protocol,” claimed Mhaka.
MRDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Albert Chivanga however rubbished Mhaka’s claims arguing that the local authority was more than ready to be investigated by ZACC and had nothing to hide.

Contrary to Mhaka’s assertions (who claimed it had been years since the MRDC got audited), Chivanga pointed out that they were last audited for the year 2018 to 2019 by the Auditor General.

“Those allegations are mere fabrications and they cannot deter us as council from executing our mandate as stipulated by laws.

We do not fear ZACC investigators because we have no case to answer. So as the local authority, we are more than ready for any investigations.

“Despite having our own internal auditors, we were audited by the Auditor General for year 2018 to 2019. As it stands, our year 2020 to 2021 books are ready for any audit,” said Chivanga.

Some Zanu PF members were recently at loggerheads with the local authority officials as they sought to be given first preference on market stall stands allocation.