FULL THREAD: Joshua Nkomo’s Son Speaks On Unity Accord
31 August 2022
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1/3 It must be clear that when the Unity Accord was signed, we had nothing in common with Zanu. It was a way of saving people from political vampires who wanted power at all cost, ZAPU chose the sanctity of life ahead of Power

2/3 During the Subsistence of the Unity Accord, the differences did not go away. Zanu continued with its craze of killings, looting and self aggrandizement. In 2008, ZAPU could no longer continue in the marriage of inconvenience and pulled out leaving thieves United with Crooks

3/3 To date, Zanu continues to transgress the cardinal tenets of the struggle. They pollute electoral processes and now patronise people using land. The struggle was so that ALL can ACCESS land. Zanu has reversed this. It is now our patriotic duty to resist Zanu