Susan Mutami Says Mnangagwa Very Dangerous
31 August 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The outspoken philanthropist and businesswoman, Susan Mutami, has pointed out that Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa, July Moyo, Owen Ncube and Larry Mavhima are deadly killers.

At some point Mr Mnangagwa boasted of his ability to kill.

Writing on Twitter, Mutami described Mr Mnangagwa and his Midlands allies as “dangerous people.”

“Zimbabweans @edmnangagwa, July Moyo, Larry Mavhima, Owen Mudha are all armed and are ready to spill blood if @ZECzim dares removes them from power. One thing u must all not do is to go into an election without electoral reforms and inspecting the real voters rolls. U are being…

… democratic Zimbabwe is for all of us. Let us not celebrate thieves who masquerade as Mbingas. No one from the outside world is going to come and demand change for u.U all have to get to a point where u say enough is enough,I’m voting for Change. Zambians are thriving…

… becoz they made the right decision. @ZANUPF_Official ministers export their produce to the UK, Sweden and their pocket are full of British Pounds.

Did u know that pane ma private jet anongopinda muzim Kuti atore ma minerals every week. Wake up Zimbabweans.”