Khupe Behind Chamisa Bulilima By-Elections Victory
4 September 2022
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By- Former deputy Prime minister Thokhozani Khupe should be credited for the CCC Bulilima by-elections weekend victory.

CCC won two of the three wards that previously belonged to Zanu PF.

 Khupe has been conducting grassroots campaigns in these wards.

 When she joined CCC, she was initially viewed with suspicion, but party supporters have warmed up to her.

Bulilima RDC wards 1, 14 and 16 fell vacant following the resignation of two Zanu PF councillors, Tonny Mlotshwa and Ntungamili Dube and the death of Delani Mabhena, also of Zanu PF.

Results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), CCC won wards 1 and 16, with Zanu PF taking Ward 14 of Bulilima District Council (RDC).

Below are the results announced by ZEC:

Ward 16

  • Moyo Jane (ZANU PF) – 118
  • Moyo Makhadi (CCC) – 131
  • Ncube Hitman (ZAPU) -34


  • Moyo Dalton (PPP) – 12
  • Moyo Ephraim (CCC) – 385
  • Ndlovu Kossam Phapha (ZANU PF) – 315
  • Nyoni Lindiwe (CGC) – 7


  • Dube Experience (ZANU PF) – 459
  • Moyo Ephraim (CCC) – 332
  • Moyo Linos (ZAPU) – 18

According to ZEC, in Ward 16, there were 3 spoilt ballots and the percentage poll was 50.35%.

In War 1, there were 14 spoilt ballot papers while the percentage poll was 50.80.

In Ward 14, 5 spoilt ballot papers were recorded while the percentage poll was 53.24%.