Glen View Teacher Convicted For Raping A 17-Year-Old Learner
5 September 2022
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A Glen View 1 High School teacher has been convicted of raping one of his pupils.

The girl in this case is a learner aged 17. It is the State’s case that sometime in May 2019, the girl went to Kafurira’s personal office, for extra lessons.

Upon arrival, the girl advised Kafurira that she was unwell and could not attend lessons.

Kafurira is said to have insisted that the girl was supposed to attend the lesson.

He then gave the girl a glass of water to drink water

After consuming the water, the girl then started to feel dizzy and could hardly see.

After some time, the girl is said to have woken up after she heard someone knocking and trying to open the door.

It is the State’s case that the girl saw Kafurira putting on his trousers and fastening the belt.

The girl is said to have noticed that she had been partially undressed and was feeling pain.

After committing the offence, Kafurira told the girl to dress up and leave the room.

The girl told close family members what had happened, leading to her lodging a police report.

She was then referred to the Family Support Clinic where she was medically examined.

The medical showed that she was raped.

-State Media