“Witchcraft” Haunts Nyanga Family
5 September 2022
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A family in Nyamahumba Village, Nyanga has been experiencing mysterious happenings for the past few months, with snakes and lizards appearing out of nowhere whenever they prepare their meals.

In February this year, the family brought the matter before Acting Chief Saunyama’s court where it was alleged that the family’s patriarch, Sekuru Johannes Nyamahumba’s money-making charms are behind the family’s misfortunes. He, however, is denying the allegations.

Matthew Nyamahumba told The Manica Post that his brother, Sekuru Johannes Nyamahumba, should pay what he owes to the person who gave him the charms so that their problems will go. He said:

All the traditional healers we have consulted have told us in Mukoma Johannes’ presence that he is the culprit behind all this. He is supposed to pay what he owes to the person who sold him the charms.

He even confessed and promised to pay the spiritual healer with some of his cattle. However, when we went back home, he moved his cattle to an unknown place behind our backs

That is when the situation worsened. The reptiles started multiplying. Our homestead is now infested with reptiles and can be seen everywhere, including in pots on the stove as we prepare food.

They are also in our bedrooms and in my baby’s napkins. This is terrifying. We often have to throw away the food that we will be preparing because of the reptiles.

We are being forced to share our homes with these reptiles because we have nowhere else to go. We are suffering because of our brother, Johannes’ greediness.

He acquired lucky charms and failed to pay the supplier. I have lost my child because of this. My brother, Lovemore, also lost a child recently, but Johannes keeps dilly-dallying on paying the spiritual healer. We fear that the whole family will be wiped out.

Acting Chief Saunyama said Sekuru Nyamahumba is yet to pay the fine for defiling the area and the spiritual healer he owes. He said they will have to wait until he changes his mind.

Sekuru Nyamahumba was in default when the family appeared before the traditional court last week on Friday.

When he previously appeared before the same court, Sekuru Nyamahumba denied that he was behind the family’s misfortunes. He said:

Matthew’s son was electrocuted after climbing on an electricity pole. How can this be wizardry?

There was no electricity when he climbed the pole but the supply was restored before he had descended the pole. They now accuse me of causing his death.

I am innocent and want my good reputation in society to be restored. I am prepared to appear before any traditional healer or spiritualist to clear my name which is being dragged in the mud.- Manica Post